Tech Boundaries for Healthier Kids

We live in a world of techno-media inundation.  There is no turning back the clock on this one, and to be honest, there are significant advantages and improvements to life that have been made possible by the break-neck pace of technological advances we are currently experiencing.  As an educator, there are so many tools available to help individualize instruction, facilitate collaboration, and streamline feedback.  Students have access to resources and information I could not have dreamed of as a child.  But as it is with all things, balance is important.  How do we help our children develop a healthy balance between the plugged and unplugged world?  The following article by Becky Mansfield provides a solid discussion on both the issues and some concrete things parents can do to help their children develop a healthy balance and avoid the negative impacts of becoming too emersed in the ever-increasing number of tech tools and gadgets they have access to today.

Click on the title below to give it a read:

Why Children are more entitled than generations before

Why Children are less patient & more lonely than ever before

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